Washable Works of Art

Rates and FAQ


For one face painter, we are $50.00 an hour. If you wish to have two face painters at your party or event, the rate doubles to $100.00 an hour.

Be sure to ask us about custom designs for your event! We do specialized designs based on the nature of your event for no extra charge.


Do I need to supply anything for the face painter? A table and chairs are always welcome, but you do not need to supply these. Our face painters carry all the supplies they need, and they can set up inside or outside.

For what ages do you do events? All ages! Face painting is fun for children, teens, and adults, and with special designs for each of those ages, face painting can make any event memorable!

What face paint do you use? We use Snazaroo face paint, an FDA and EU approved face paint, and the only face paint accepted by the Face Painters' Code of Ethics.

Are you insured? Yes! We are insured with Specialty Insurance Agency.

Are you licensed? Yes, we are licensed with the State of Alabama as a business.

How long have you been face painting? We have over 20 years of combined experience!

Why should I hire a face painter? Great question! We create unique works of art for each person attending your party, and make it a memorable experience. Let us show you!

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